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Designing websites that attract attention!

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Showcase your Business

We help you to design a ‘brochure’ website that displays your products and services in a professional, stylistic and clear way.

Easy Navigation

User friendly webside design is critical in order to engage visitors for longer. We make menus easy to navigate so you can quickly find the information you want.

Fast Websites

We focus on developing fast websites. Your customers won’t wait for web pages to download. All our sites are faster than 80% of sites on the web!

Up-to-Date Web Standards and Styles

The Internet continues to develop at a very rapid pace. Website standards and styles change every year. It is important that your site doesn’t appear ‘old’ as it can reflect on your business.

Galway Internet uses only the most up-to-date technology, and it complies with all the latest web design standards so your site will display properly on all browsers.

Designing for Mobile, Laptop and Desktop Devices


Site expands to full width of large monitors


Page is resized for laptops


No horizontal scrolling needed on tablets


Content is rearranged so no need to scroll across on mobiles

Smart phones and tablets now account for over 60% of web use.

It is therefore vital that your site displays perfectly on mobile devices, as well as large desktop monitors.

It is also used by Google to rank the usability of websites.

We ensure that content blocks on all our website designs resize automatically for the user’s screen size. This is called ‘responsive design’.

On smart phones, content is arranged in horizontal blocks so users do not need to scroll across the screen.

Other Aspects of our Web Design Services

  • Clean and modern Design
  • On-Site Photography
  • Advice on the Best Content to Include
  • Content Proofreading
  • Content Drafting
  • Photo Editing for Website Optimisation
  • Sourcing Stock Photos
  • Creating Landing Pages for Search Phrases
  • Designing E-Commerce sites
  • Integrating Payment Solutions
  • Automatic Email Acknowledgements
  • Embedding Video and Slideshows
  • Linking to Social Media Pages
  • Keyword and Key Phrase Research
  • Optimising Web Pages for Selected Keywords
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Option to use our Website Hosting Service
  • Ensuring Software is Updated Regularly
  • Continuous Monitoring of Site
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Regular Backups of Websites
  • Monitoring Visitor Statistics
  • Monitoring Google Page Rank

A Growing Library of Websites Being Managed

Our clients trust us to maintain their sites so they can get on with managing their business.

We ensure that all software used on the site is working correctly, and updated to the latest security releases. We take regular backups of each site and monitor for any hacking attempts.

We also provide an option to host your site on our servers. This enables us to monitor performance more closely, and implement software updates.

We use the best content management solution for your website

We use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop and other popular Content Management Systems.

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